About us

Breno, psychologist, 28 years-old, 24 countries stored in memory and in heart.

Wanessa, lawyer, 28 years-old, 19 countries stored in memory and in heart.

We met on June 2006, started dating on August 2006 and got married on August 2014. Despite our great many differences, we have always shared the love for travelling and going new places.
However, only in 2011 did we discover the art of backpacking and cheap travelling.
Our first great backpacking trip was in 2011, to Europe. In 45 days, we went to 14 countries and 21 cities. It was hurried, but it broadened our horizons.
After that, we learned to travel light and cheap, including in Brazil.
Our second biggest backpacking trip was towards the end of 2013/beginning of 2014 and it covered a few cities of Brazil, Bolivia and Peru. In 32 days, we went to 10 cities, as well as Machu Picchu.
Our third grand backpacking trip starts in a few months, to Asia!

This website is for sharing our journeys, experiences, hassles, expectations; ultimately, a little of our life in this great, big, gorgeous world out there.

Breno and Wanessa.


(Island of the Sun – Bolivia)

“My roots are my feet: wherever they shall walk, I’ll find myself rooted.” (Breno, 2013)

“I want…
the quiet of an evening at the field;
the safety of a hug;
the joy of a smile;
the complicity of a stare;
the calmness of the heart;
the lightness of the soul;
the happiness without a reason.
I want knowledge, uncertainty, cultural exchange, troubles, human contact, information sharing, contretemps, joy, deception, novelty, fear, exaltation, diversities, courage.
I want the unknown and all of its implications.
I want to trust in strangers.
I want to fall flat on my face.
I want it all, all packed in the same package.
I want learning.
I want a life without life’s petty everyday worries.
I want the world as my backyard.
I want to live and not just survive.” (Wanessa, 2013)

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