Brazilian from Minas Gerais state, lawyer, 30 years-old, in love with travelling and meeting new cultures/people/places, with, so far, 22 countries stored in memory and in heart.

I want…
the quiet of an evening at the field;
the safety of a hug;
the joy of a smile;
the complicity of a stare;
the calmness of the heart;
the lightness of the soul;
the happiness without a reason.
I want knowledge, uncertainty, cultural exchange, troubles, human contact, information sharing, contretemps, joy, deception, novelty, fear, exaltation, diversities, courage.
I want the unknown and all of its implications.
I want to trust in strangers.
I want to fall flat on my face.
I want it all, all packed in the same package.
I want learning.
I want a life without life’s petty everyday worries.
I want the world as my backyard.
I want to live and not just survive. (Wanessa, 2013)

My map so far (actually, if you consider England and Scotland separately, the total amount would come to 22 countries because this map considered both of them as a part of the United Kingdom):


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