Brazilian from Minas Gerais state, psychologist, 30 years-old, in love with travelling and meeting new cultures/people/places, with, so far, 27 countries stored in memory and in heart.

Driven by an inseparable will-power from my essence, I’ve always searched…

At first, I searched for answers; later I began searching for questions. I’ve searched comprehension; today I search for empathy. I’ve already searched for quantity; but, wouldn’t it be that much better to search for quality?! One time I’ve searched for roots… so many others I’ve searched the wind. I’ve searched a lot (and will continue to do so) for art expressed through a screen, be it cloth, paper or electronic; and I delight myself in my searches for comfort and leisure; but I embark in a search for strangeness and wonderfulness. And now…?

Now? I search for new horizons.

New homes, new floating roots, new places, fears, tastes, landscapes, wonders, people, smells, experiences, information, hassles, climates… I search for new winds, new horizons. I search the world. I search for myself and my own humanity. I search for never stop searching.

I search life… with all its insecurities and beauties. But, above all I search to escape the ghost that haunts us with deathbed regrets. The one that freezes us over whenever we have to make an important decision and makes us stutter when it’s time to say what we want to say.

So now I say: yes!

Yes, I want to trail my own ways and be able to look back and see my own footprints surrounding the world. I want to not know what lies ahead so I can look back with nostalgia and passions. (Breno, 2014)

My map so far (actually, if you consider England and Scotland separately, the total amount would come to 27 countries because this map considered both of them as a part of the United Kingdom):

Mapa - Breno

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